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City of New Lisbon
232 W. Pleasant St.
New Lisbon, WI 53950


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City Government Departments

The Mayor of New Lisbon: Lloyd Chase
lloydMayor Chase is a lifelong resident of Juneau and Monroe counties.
He graduated from Tomah High School in 1969 and spent 3 years at St. Olaf College, studying social psychology and religion. Other education includes short courses on parliamentary procedure, motivating employees, evaluating employees, open meetings law, powers of police and fire commissions.
He owned an auto repair and towing business 1972 til 1988 and sold computer management systems for Allen Group 1988 & 1989. He' been in the auto parts business January 1990 to present.

* Camp Douglas Village Board 1976-1978
* Tomah School Board 1982-1994 (President 1985-1994)
* Camp Douglas Village President 1987-1989
* New Lisbon City Council 2000-2002
* New Lisbon Mayor 2002-present

City of New Lisbon Common Council:
The "legislature" of each city in Wisconsin is the common council. Its members, also called councilperson or alderpersons, are elected on a nonpartisan basis at the spring election. By state law, the council has control of city property, finances, streets and public services.
In general, the council may approve and amend the city's annual budget, grant city licenses, levy property and other authorized taxes, act on claims against the city, enter contracts and otherwise act for the good order of the city and welfare of the public.
Councils are required to meet at least monthly. The City of New Lisbon meets on the first and third Monday of each month at 7pm.
The Mayor presides over council meetings. Although listed by statute as a member of the council, the mayor may vote in case of a tie and cannot be counted in determining a quorum. Each council selects a Council Presidents who presides over council meetings in the Mayor's absence.
The council consists of four members with one from each of the four voting districts or wards and each is elected to two year terms. The Mayor is elected at large and is also elected to a two year term.
karren Gary gary Roy
Alderperson Karren Elsing
1st Ward
Alderperson Gary Cowan
2nd Ward
Alderperson Greg Lowe
3rd Ward
Alderperson Roy Granger
4th Ward - Council President

City of New Lisbon Police Department:
Contact Information:
Chief of Police: Brent Granger
218 E Bridge St
New Lisbon, Wisconsin 53950
(608) 562-3333
Email: nlpd@mwt.net
police police 2

Mission Statement
The New Lisbon Police Department recognizes and appreciates the small town values and beliefs, which is the cornerstone of this community. We will strive to hold onto our close community heritage by promoting a working partnership between officers and citizens. This agency will endeavor to enhance the quality of life by identifying and resolving community concerns through fairness, integrity, professionalism and encourage innovative problem solving.

The New Lisbon Police Department recognizes and appreciates the small town values and beliefs, which is the cornerstone of this community. We will strive to hold onto our close community heritage by promoting a working partnership between officers and citizens. This agency will endeavor to enhance the quality of life by identifying and resolving community concerns through fairness, integrity, professionalism and encourage innovative problem solving.
The New Lisbon Police Department must be held accountable to the citizens we serve. We recognize that our success is dependent upon the trust and confidence of the community. Therefore, we shall strive to hold ourselves to higher standards of moral and ethical conduct, which reflects the integrity of police professionals.
New Lisbon is a progressive community, which desires to retain its small town family values. We endeavor to control crime and maintain public order. We will identify and respond to community expectations and concerns. We recognize the importance that families have a sense of safety and security in their homes and on our streets. We understand that crime is a community problem and we will work with the community in a proactive approach to reduce it.
The New Lisbon Police Department believes that the entire department must be participatory in decision-making. We encourage and value employee involvement. Law enforcement and public safety is a community-wide concern. Therefore, we must actively seek citizen involvement in all aspects of policing. We shall strive to interact and become involved within the community cultivating effective working relationships with other governmental, public and civic agencies and organizations in pursuit of shared goals.
The officers of the New Lisbon Police Department will always promote the pride of our community, our department, and our profession. We regard ourselves as being professional and caring people who provide a valued service to the citizens of New Lisbon.

City of New Lisbon Fire Department:
The New Lisbon Fire Department was founded August 31, 1903.
This department serves the City of New Lisbon, The Township of Lisbon, The Township of Fountain, The Township of Clearfield, and The Township of Germantown. These areas cover about 117 square miles and support a population of around 4700 people.
Member Information
The department is made of 30 members, all voluteer, and housed in a new (Sept 2002) 9,600 square foot station on West Pleasant St. The department meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.
Current Members:
Fire Chief Lynn A. Willard - Assistant Fire Chief Joe Willard & Shaun McCullough - Safety Officer Rich Weiland

Captain Jeff Keating –Captain Tom Isaacson – Captain Tom Georgeson - Captain Kevin Wetley - Lt. Rich Deisinger - Lt. Bryce Cass

Other Members:

Dan Kallies, Reed Coenen, Jaymie Mortensen, Kevin Weinshrott, Don Crow, Dale Edgerton, Travis Haske, Troy Willard, Dan Berry, Chad Tomaszewski, Gary Cowan, Jason Gosda, Jim Walker, Andy Hare, Mark Reeve & Derek Stickney

The First New Lisbon Fire Department:
The New Lisbon Fire Department was founded August 31, 1903. A council meeting was called on a Wednesday night to determine the need and elect officers. This meeting was called by H.J. Mortensen.
The first elected officers were as follows:
President: H.J. Mortensen
Secretary: George W. Weed
Treasurer: C.F. Cash
Chief of Department: C.F. Cash
Foreman: Lyman Sanderson
Asst. Foremen: Clarence Teachout
Captain of the Hook and Ladder: L. Hank
Captain of the Hose Cart: George Wonderly

New Lisbon Board of Review:
Under Wisconsin State Law, you may file an objection to your property assessment. The tax rate you are charged is the same for all residents within the district. The amount of real estate tax you pay is determined by the assessment on your property.
If you feel that your property assessment is incorrect; you may appear before the City of New Lisbon Board of Review.
An official "Objection to Property Assessment" form must be completed and returned prior to the Board of Review. These forms are available at the City Clerk's office.
Please check with the clerk, Lisa Vinz, at (608) 562-5213 for details and further information.

New Lisbon Clerk / Treasurer:
The City Clerk is appointed by the Mayor and Council and is the custodian of official City records, ordinances and Council proceedings. Other duties of the City Clerk’s office include:
* Care and custody of the City seal
* Maintaining records of licenses, permits and bonds
* Keeping an accurate list of tax collections
* Making papers and records available for inspection
* Administering oaths or affirmations
* Having charge and supervision of elections and voter registration
* Budgets and financial records
Contact Information:
Lisa Vinz
232 W. Pleasant St.
New Lisbon, Wisconsin 53950
Email: nlclerk@mwt.net

Director of Public Works:
The DPW is responsible for all the planning and management of all public works and utilities departments.  The DPW will also coordinate all maintenance, construction projects, supervise all phases of snow & ice removal and maintenance of all city equipment, buildings and facilities.
Director of Public Works – Bob Anderson 232 W. Pleasant Street nldpw@mwt.net 608-562-5213 ext. 1 or 608-444-2387 (cell)

Streets Department:
The Street Department is responsible for the maintenance of all City streets, parks and buildings. Including street sweeping, snow plowing, leaf collection, large item pick up and mowing of grass.
**Leaf pick up begins October 3rd to November 17th
Contact Information:
Chris Ulrich
Tom Langer
Dennis Martin
232 W. Pleasant St.
New Lisbon, Wisconsin 53950

Boards & Commissions:
Police & Fire
  • Mike Buell 
  • Mark Toelle
  • Pam Lowe
  • Marv Newlun
  • Dan Kallies Jr
  • Tom Heindl
  • Tom Raabe
  • Roy Granger
  • Sheldon LaBudda
Library Board
  • Loretta Balgord
  • Colleen Bolchen
  • Ken Adams
  • Martha Christensen
  • Sherry Butler
  • Ada McCumber
  • Mark Hansen
Planning Com.
  • Lloyd Chase
  • Karren Elsing
  • Betsey Deisinger
  • Ken Southworth
  • Noel Hare
  • Jody Bigalke
  • Randy Weiland
Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Kathy Gibeaut
  • Greg Gollmar
  • Christy McGuire
  • Levine Wetley

Pool & Park
  • Greg Lowe
  • Cheri Weiland
  • Beth Zweifel-Preuss
  • Kevin Walker
  • Alicia Weinshrott
  • Lisa Vinz
  • Roger McGuire
  • Elizabeth Willard
  • Pat Southworth
  • Lloyd Chase
  • Karren Elsing
  • Ed Kaelin
  • Tom Raabe
  • Lisa Vinz
  • Roy Granger
  • Karren Elsing
  • Marilyn Wetley
  • Evie Hicks
  • Steve Spaniol
  • Audrey Kallies
  • Christy McGuire

New Lisbon Memorial Library:
Contact Information:
New Lisbon Memorial Library
115 W. Park Street
New Lisbon, Wisconsin 53950
Email: nlploff@wrlsweb.org

Monday 9am-7pm
Tuesday & Wednesday 9am-6pm
Thursday 3pm-7pm
Friday 9am-6pm
Saturday 9am-12pm

Audiobooks, Genealogy Search,Large Print, Videos,Magazines, Photo Copier,CD’s , Internet,Music CD’s, Story hour,Cassettes, Literacy,Fax, Interlibrary loan,Microfilm Reader, Book Discussion Group, Harry Mortensen Indian Artifact Collection for viewing
Deanna Rosier, Head Librarian
Shawna Robison
Crystal Day

New Lisbon Building Inspector:
The Building Inspection Department is to provide quality inspections to insure that construction codes and practices comply, in all phases of construction, to protect the health and welfare of the public as well as occupants of dwellings, providing all with safe and sanitary conditions.
Services Provided, People Served – Administer and enforce State and local codes, answer questions and provide information pertaining to building, plumbing, electrical and zoning codes for the general public.
Office Hours
Tueaday & Thursday
Contact Information:
Dan Huebner
608-697-7770 (Cell)

New Lisbon City Assessor:
The Assessor establishes the assessment for all residential dwellings and property within the City of New Lisbon. Once a year the Assessor is required to have an open book where residents may review the assessment of their property and may appeal their assessment to the Assessor. If the tax payer is not still not in agreement they may present their appeal to the Board of Review.
Contact Information:
Pat Hart
Hart Appraisals
PO Box 42
Tomah, WI 54660




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